Oh, No! It’s Joe Vig!!!


Who is Joe Vig, you ask? Well, he is the unluckiest and most oblivious minifig ever created. Joe has no clue of what’s going on in the area just around him! He is also electro-magnet for bad luck, and never quite seems to know what’s about to happen... unfortunately, it’s usually just about to happen to him! Look out, Joe!

So now we know who is Joe Vig, let see some of his unlucky situations.

  • Joe gets distracted by a beautiful girl.

Joe-Vig_abd_the-beautiful-girlLook out, Joe! The lamp!!!

Found on:BrickShelf

  • Joe in the kitchen
Joe-Vig_in_the_KitchenWhat's cookin, Joe?

Found on:BrickShelf

To be continued, SOON...


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