Pokemons in LEGO World

These little Pocket Monsters have left their ordinary life for a short time and took a trip to the world of LEGO bricks :)

THX to Amuzu the whole little crew is here: Pikachu, Chimecho, Hikozaru, Wurmple, and the others...
Pokemon PikachuPOcket monsterLego pokemon mizugoruLEGO chimechoWurmple PokemonHikozaru Pokemon
Check out the whole gallery at Brickshelf.


Anonymous said...

Hey there is a number on Pikachu's nose...hehe

aatars said...

nice blog. love the pikachu

kbpbrst4 said...

Hi, nice pokemons. I've posted those pictures at my blog

I trust you won't mind.
Great post.

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