Playable LEGO Guitar

If you like LEGO and rock music, than this awesome LEGO guitar is perfect game for you!

It is constructed entirely out of Lego pieces. The body, the neck, the headstock, every part of the instrument is made of only Legos. The guitar is playable, but it doesn’t stay in tune very long because of the pressure the strings exert.

Playable LEGO guitar
Standing Guitar
Guitar made from lego bricks
Homemade lego guitar
Lego guitar part-1
Brad, the guy who built this LEGO guitar, wanted to sell it on e-bay. The starting price was 2500$. Hmmm...maybe a little high price for a LEGO guitar.

Link[Lego Guitar]


Anonymous said...

Can I try it?

Anonymous said...

Dude this thing is amazing like omg i love it :D i say you make me one to go with my collection of guitars...haha

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