LEGO Mythbusters Minifigs

Can a penny dropped from the Empire State Building kill a person? Will silicone breast implants expand under pressure? Can a person throw themselves through a skyscraper window? Can a chicken fly through an airplane windshield?

These are only few myths that were tested in The Mythbusters.

If you don't know, it’s a show where two special effects guys, Adam and Jamie, test urban legends to determine whether they’re plausible. (Most of the time, no.)

Here are they in LEGO style;)

Mythbusters LEGO Minifigs

Adam Savage...Jamie Hyneman
Adam savage & Jamie Hyneman

Mythbusters is Jackass meets Mr. Science. And we're not just testing the myths, we're putting our bodies on the line to bring you the truth!

(Adam Savage)


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